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In a rental market of 48+ million units, each lease is unique, each renter’s situation is different, and each state’s rental laws vary.

That’s a lot to navigate!

Check out our 2-minute introductory video to see why you need to be using Leaselfuent as a renter.  Whether you are a long-term renter, short term tenant, or a student renting for the first time we have you covered!


Key Features

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Lease Feedback and Recommendations

In just under 5 minutes, fill out a questionnaire regarding your lease and receive a customized letter packed with valuable insights about your lease.  Our platform compares your lease information with the latest rental laws in your state, ensuring you receive tailored recommendations and actionable steps to consider.

  • Are you uncertain about your lease or have questions and concerns regarding its terms?  Rest assured, our service is designed to assist you. We conduct a thorough comparison of your lease information with the most up-to-date rental laws in your state. This allows us to provide you with valuable feedback and recommendations tailored to your specific lease agreement, addressing any doubts or uncertainties you may have.
  • Looking to enhance your understanding of the rental laws in your state?  Our service offers valuable insights into the latest rental laws specific to your state, including the obligations your landlord must uphold as well as important considerations for renters.
  • Looking for additional guidance regarding the resources at your disposal in your state?  We offer a wealth of relevant information and provide you with the necessary points of contact for different renting situations in your specific state.

Lease Notifications and

Throughout the duration of your lease receive timely email notifications on key lease milestones.

  • Our integrated email notification system keeps you updated every step of the way which includes obligations your landlord must uphold throughout the duration of your lease.  Here are just a few examples you can expect:
    • As your move-in date approaches, you will receive helpful advice and a comprehensive checklist to facilitate a smooth transition into your new rental space.
    • Receive alerts when your rent payment is due and when it can be considered late based on the rental laws in your state.
    • You can expect safety reminders such as testing your smoke detector throughout the duration of your lease.
    • As your lease end date approaches, we will send you timely reminders about rent increases and non-renewals by your landlord.  Remember, this varies by state and in some cases, landlord’s must provide different notice periods based on how long you have lived your current rental but don’t worry we take that into account!
    • You can also expect multiple notifications regarding your security deposit return and your landlord’s obligations before and after your lease ends.  This one is really important to us!
    • Check out example email notifications here.
  • Continue to stay informed about any changes or new rental laws introduced in your state, as we’ll be your reliable source for the latest updates.  Our service ensures that you are promptly notified of any modifications to existing laws or the implementation of new ones.  It’s worth noting that some of these changes can actually work in your favor, providing potential benefits to you as a renter.

Rental Resources and Community Forum

Access our useful and insighful resources, tools, calculators, and connect with other renters in your state or out of state through our community forum.

  • Rental guides and budget worksheets
  • Checklists you should use and follow during your rental process
  • Renter calculators to help you make informed decisions
  • Letter templates for all different renting situations such as a maintenance request letter, mailing address for security deposit return letter, and much more.
  • Full lease dictionary to help provide an understanding of the different terms in a lease
  • Connect on the community forum.  Ask questions, answer questions, and connect with other renters in your state or out of state.
  • And much more…

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Get Started

It’s very simple! In under 5 minutes complete a simple renter profile form that asks basic questions regarding you lease for a personalized recommendation lease letter.

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Receive Your Personalized Rental Lease Recommendation Letter

Receive a personalized letter with lease feedback and recommendations, actionable steps to consider, and insightful tips about your lease and rental laws in your state.


Receive Key Lease Milestone Alerts and Actions To Take

Receive ongoing email alerts based on your key lease milestones including things your landlord must adhere to in your state. In some cases, this can save you money on rent and/or security deposit.



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